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National Geographic - Rangers without Borders - 2018/19

This documentary filmmaking involved investigating trans-border cooperation between forest rangers, ecologists and locals in biodiverse regions of the world. This is part of a wider investigation covering various continents, my section covering Europe. This included the Lithuanian-Belarusian border near  Čepkeliai State Strict Nature Reserve, as well as, the Polish-Belarusian borderland near to Białowieża National Park.


I conducted various interviews with National Park officials, active and retired forest rangers, villagers. Along with our team we explored the conflicts that arise when the interests of ecologists, tourists and locals come head to head. I also investigated the lives of forest rangers and nature conservationists in the area to document how their work has changed over the decades in the advent of political change from communism to democracy and with the arrival of new technology and EU legislature.


Filming and interviewing for Rangers Without Borders, brought to light local conflicts that have arisen in places such as the Białowieża, Europe's last ancient primeval temperate forest. This flora and fauna and once endangered species of wildlife such as Bison, have increased tourism but equally brought stricter conservation that has effected village life. Hoteliers, loggers, hunters and farmers have all been touched by strict anti-poaching laws, restricted felling, culling and no-go areas.



The 'Rangers Without Borders' team, in Białowieża. (Photo by Stephanie Foote).

Rangers Without Borders - Trailer - 2019

Burning Films - London's Last Wilderness - 2019/20

London's Last Wilderness is a documentary produced by Pablo Behrens of Burning Films London. As 2nd Director I worked on this important documentary focusing on climate change, ecosystems and clean energy in the Thames Estuary. My sailing license and experience came in handy as I was also skipper for our main boat 'Genevieve'. 


Our expedition took us on a voyage from Gillingham Marina, through the heavily industrialised Medway River and into the Thames Estuary crossing the channel over towards Southend. We explored and filmed the contrast of power plants, shipwrecks, mud flats and creeks, as well as, the ancient cockle industry at Leigh-on-Sea. We interviewed artists, fishermen, tourists and locals to understand the dynamic of this forgotten region. 

At a time when sea levels are rising and global warming threatens coastal areas, we wanted to investigate the impact of such a huge city like London on river ecosystems. Moreover, we wanted to see the how urbanisation of the Thames Estuary is effecting the local habitat and also making more people at risk of flooding in the future. 'London's Last Wilderness' lastly gives a glimpse of one of the last remaining wildernesses of South Eastern England in the midst of an uncertain future. Using wind and solar power to steer our way through this expedition we came face to face with the forces of nature, the power of the tides and the danger of the sea.


Earth Whispers - Nature's Resurrection - 2020

This documentary will explore the impact COVID-19 has had on the environment. It will investigate whether the benefits outweigh the negative impacts and will reflect on how the ongoing situation might change our perspectives on sustainable living. I am producing and editing this project and have been working with researchers from many organisations including WWF and UNEP. The project is currently in post-production.

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