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Doosha Moya - Mała

Doosha Moya are a musical duo hailing from Warsaw, Poland. They combine a variety of inspirations including pop, rock and electronic music. This music video tells the tale of a woman trapped in a vicious circle of past nostalgia and romance. 

Warsaw - 2021

Mothyfall - One Glance

Mothyfall are a brand new goth band from Żywiec, Poland. Their debut single and music video fuses their contemporary sound with a dark ages setting in a saga of love and destruction. Filmed in a reconstructed 10th Century Slavic tribal settlement, with modern pyrotechnics and stunning costumes this visual piece complements the powerful ballad presented by Mothyfall. 

Żywiec - 2019

Mc Da Emcee - Goulash Freestyle

Mc Da Emcee is an underground rapper based in Belgrade, Serbia. 'Goulash Freestyle' brings the underground rap inferno to life in a video that explores fiery events across an East European urban landscape.This freestyle opens a window into the gritty melting pot of power, expression, identity in a post-communist Europe trying to re-establish itself in a new world. With fire dancers, protesters and numerous locations the video takes you on a journey stretching various countries and their divergent citizens. 

Belgrade/Skopje/Warsaw/Vilnius - 2018/2019

The Ukrainians - Beware of the Cossacks

The Ukrainians - Beware of the Cossacks

The Ukrainians - Beware of the Cossacks

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Futuristic ultra-violet surrealism meets centuries of Ukrainian tradition in a melting pot of history and turmoil. 'Beware of the Cossacks' tells the tail of constant revolt that has paved the way for Ukrainian independence. Stretching from Mongol Invasions, Polish rule, Soviet Communism up to modern corruption, lead singer Len undertakes the same path of revolutionary to become leader and ultimately corrupt enemy of the people. This video plays on the concept of power, it's overthrow and the temptation to succeed the predecessor, ultimately becoming them. With  punchy  lyrics, powerful music and vivid imagery, 'Beware of the Cossacks' is a message to the fragility of power. 

Leeds - 2018

Mc Da Emcee - Gotta Tell You

Hip Hop from Belgrade's underground music scene. Mc Da Emcee, is an American rapper who moved to Belgrade Serbia where he works creatively performing live at numerous underground hip hop events. His authentic approach questions mainstream rappers who are in the business for image, money and fame.

Belgrade, Serbia - 2018

The Ukrainians - One More Drink

'One More Drink', is a satirical music video which pokes at the tragedy of alcoholism and is set in a sobering clinic during the times of The Soviet Union. Political posters loom over the helpless alcoholic who's desperate for another drink. 

Leeds - 2018

Nervous Twitch - Promised me the World

Pop meets punk as Nervous Twitch and their lead singer Erin Van Rumble tackles issues of disappointment and lies in hopeless relationships. 

Leeds - 2018

The Ukrainians - Shchedryk (Carol of The Bells)

The Ukrainian's bring a fresh take on the well known Christmas carol 'Carol of The Bells'. This version of the song combines Ukrainian folk sounds with modern punk. The music video returns to the roots of the song which reach to a pre-Christian pagan age. The fusion of old and new music is complemented by the video which shows a transition from Slavic paganism into Christian Orthodoxy. Rituals, dances, bonfires announce the coming and going of one faith into the next.

Huddersfield - 2017

Nervous Twitch - That Weird Guy

Nervous Twitch, the up and coming pop-punk trio present a song that encompass teen struggles and first date blunders. This raw and urban video set in North Leeds, shows the transition of a vulnerable girl let down by her date turn into a strong heroine finding spirit playing music with her friends.

Leeds - 2017

Horned Fury - Hazardous Goat Troopers

Set on the bleak and uncompromising moors of the Pennine Hills, mystery, ritual and chase give way for a cold thrill as Horned Fury's lead vocalist Mike Addison plunge us into the dark sound of doom metal. Inspired by occultism and a morbid fantasy reality, we watch a nightmarish vision.

High Peak - 2017

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