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*Treatments/Scripts available on request.

Skimming Stones

Corruption meets mystery and murder in a small mountain  town. Government plans for a reservoir and hydro-electric power station are withheld by a local mayor and his cronies hoping to buy up land cheap to make a profit. The arrival of a rich investor in the area, as well as, missing persons complicate matters in the town. Obsessive greed and power struggles in a tight knit community provide a smoke screen, as a darker character lurks in the shadows.

House of Mirrors

A postman with little concept of love and relationships reads his neighbours mail to get an insight into their lives. Although his wrongdoings lead to a beating, he makes two unlikely friends.

One man, a womaniser, sets out to teach the inexperienced postman a few tricks and the postman wants to become like him.  The second man is an actor who wants to learn from the postman whilst preparing for a new role. This cycle whereby each of the characters tries to fake being someone else ultimately fails, as the postman finds true love following his own instinct and luck rather than the advice of others.

Sleeping with Wolves

Bohdan is an elderly Ukrainian man living in Manchester since the war. He finds comfort in drink, walks and strangers he meets along the way. When he meets Adam, a young Polish man, their East European heritage brings them close and Bohdan invites Adam to live with him in his spare bedroom. Bohdan's granddaughter is suspicious of Adam thinking he has dubious motives. When Olya investigates the situation, she finds that the true danger was lurking closer to home.

Tides of Wrath

In the mid-seventeenth century, a group of Cossack pirates roaming the Black Sea stumble across the wrong boat. After coming back to the mainland, they keep their secret hidden until it returns to haunt them in a tale of retribution. Internal power struggles, manipulation and jealousy breed an atmosphere of suspense and suspicion, in a semi-anarchic commune on the fringes of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and Ottoman Empires.

Finding Flamingo

Tristan is a young English man who lives with his grandmother. As a traditionalist with spiritual ideals he feels increasingly lost in the liberal atheist society that surrounds him. Unable to connect with his peers and their materialistic way of life he leaves the country travelling eastwards across the continent in search of his ‘utopia’. However, the notion that ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ is tested when he faces a brutal reality where his own morality is challenged through survival instinct and physical attraction.


A young boy from an indigenous uncontacted tribe in western Amazonia makes contact with the outside world only to be outcast by his community as a fable teller. Curiosity leads to his escape and ultimate downfall. 

Out of the Blue

A short documentary that looks at the unsung heroes of Beachy Head, a notorious suicide spot in Sussex, England. Every year approximately 20 people jump off Britain's tallest cliff into the English Channel. If it wasn't for the determination and perseverance of a group locals, the death toll would be much bigger. The documentary takes a look at the everyday life of the Samaritans, Chaplains, Lifeboatmen, taxi drivers and police that patrol Britain's tallest cliff.

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